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First Aid

  1. Show the correct way to:
    1. Transport a person with compound fracture of the forearm; head injury; spinal column injury.
    2. Make and apply splints for a broken thigh bone.
    3. Explain the dangers involved in the transportation of an injured person even before the injury is known.

  2. Show how to:
    1. Stop bleeding from a ruptured varicose vein in the leg.
    2. Control arterial and/or venous bleeding on the wrist and calf of leg and other parts of the body.

  3. Tell and show what to do in the following cases:
    1. A person in contact with an electric wire
    2. A person in a state of shock due to starvation, injuries and certain diseases
    3. A person who choked from drowning if from water, or food lodged in your windpipe while eating
    4. A person who dove into shallow water, struck your head against a submerged object and fell unconscious

  4. Tell what disease germ is likely to be found in a gunshot wound, stab wound, wound caused by rusty nail, pitchfork or garden rake, or from a powder burn; explain why the patient in such cases must be taken to a physician for treatment.

  5. Show how to:
    1. Sterilize a small piece of cloth or part of your shirt if you have to use it as an improvised bandage or dressing
    2. Treat extreme shock, using cover, correct position and heating devices
    3. Give a patient external massage


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