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El Filibusterismo

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Rizal Lore

  1. Satisfy your Troop Leader and parents that you have done the following:
    1. Participate willingly in Patrol or Troop activities on any project honoring the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal.
    2. Assist in any project sponsored by a nationally recognized Rizal organization.

  2. List twelve character traits of Dr. Jose Rizal that you should emulate. Relate at least seven incidents in Rizal's life to illustrate each of these character traits.
  3. Write a short biography of Dr. Jose Rizal in your own words, and submit this for approval to your Merit Badge Counselor. The Rizal biography should include the following points:
    1. Date and place of Rizal's birth.
    2. Name of Rizal's mother, father, brothers, and sisters.
    3. How Rizal got his name.
    4. His school and university education.
    5. His writings and achievements in life.
    6. His martyrdom and its significance.

  4. Do the following:
    1. Read any of Rizal's literary works and relate this to your Patrol or Troop during a regular meeting. Explain the significance of this literary work that you have chosen from among the following:
      1. Noli Me Tangere (1887)
      2. El Filibusterismo (1891)
      3. Liham sa mga Kababihan sa Malolos (Rizal's letter to the Women of Malolos - 1889).
    2. Recite from memory one of the following poems written by Rizal:
      1. Ang Ating Inang Wika (sa Aking Kababata - 1869)
      2. Al Niņo Jesus (To the Child Jesus - 1876)
      3. A La Virgen Maria (To the Virgin Mary - 1880)
      4. Mi Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell - 1896)
      5. A La Juventud Filipino (To the Filipino Youth - 1879)
      6. Himno a Talisay (Talisay Hymn - 1895)
      7. Himno al Trabajo (Labor Hymn - 1885)
      8. El Canto de Maria Clara (Ang Awit ni Maria Clara - 1887)

  5. Do any one of the following:
    1. Take part in a public dramatic presentation of the life of Rizal, or a dramatization of any of his literary works.
    2. Visit the Rizal Shrine at Fort Santiago, and the Rizal Monument at the Luneta.
    3. Visit the Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Laguna.
    4. Visit the Rizal Shrine in Dapita, Zamboanga del Norte.
  6. Make a scrapbook on Rizal depicting the following:
    1. His travels to other countries showing map, routes traveled, and other clippings and photos about them. Use one or more pages for each country, and show his friends in each country he visited.
    2. The versatility of Rizal in various vocations or professions - as a physician-surgeon, as a writer, as an artist, as a scientist, as a linguist, etc.
    3. A pictorial essay on the life of Rizal
    4. Rizal on stamps, currency, products, etc.; or Rizal monuments in various places.
    5. Quotations and famous sayings of Rizal.
    6. Rizal's works in painting and sculpture.


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