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  1. Have a bicycle of your own, borrow, or hire one.

  2. Ride fifteen (15) consecutive kilometers each month for a period of three months. You shall submit to the Merit Badge Counselor a report of the rides taken, including dates, routes traveled, and interesting things observed.

  3. After the three-month conditioning period in Requirement Number 2, ride a bicycle thirty (30) kilometers in ten hours.

  4. Know the rules and regulations in cycling races.

  5. Learn the proper techniques of taking care of a bicycle. Repair a puncture and inflate a tire. Take apart and clean a bicycle, and put it together again properly.

  6. Know and demonstrate safety precautions on the road.

  7. Go on a cycling expedition over a route selected by the Merit Badge Counselor, and make a report. Report correctly verbal messages in connection with this expedition. Read and follow a course laid out on a map.


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