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Native Basketry
Pegs Basketry
Merit Badge Worksheet

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  1. Name at least ten (10) different native materials used in basketry, and the various places in the Philippines where each of these materials can be found.

  2. Name at least four (4) different hand tools used in basketry. Give their uses and explain how they are sharpened.

  3. Do the following:
    1. Describe the steps in bleaching buri leaves and bamboo.
    2. Name the dye-stuff used in coloring buri leaves and bamboo.

  4. Submit an album or a collection containing:
    1. labeled samples of at least ten (10) basketry materials
    2. samples of at least six (6) weave designs
    3. three (3) basket finishing trimmings.

  5. Show how to prepare at least two (2) of the following Philippine raw materials used for making baskets: buri, nito, ticug, bamboo, rattan, bamban, and coconut midribs.

  6. Submit one working drawing of a basket made of any of the following: bamboo, bamboo-rattan, bamboo-bamban, bamboo-rattan-nito, or plywood-bamboo-buri.

  7. Make at least one (1) basket using materials mentioned in #6.


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