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How to Earn a Merit Badge

  1. Determine what Merit Badge is required.
  2. If it is an elective - select the one that interests you the most from the Specialist Rating you've selected.
  3. After you have identified the Merit Badge you need or want, tell your Troop Leader/Outfit Advisor. He/she will help you fill up the Merit Badge Application Form and sign it.
  4. Your Troop Leader/Outfit Advisor will tell you who your Merit Badge Counselor is and will introduce you to him.
  5. You will have two or more meetings with your Merit Badge Counselor.
    1. During your first meeting with your Counselor he/she will explain the subject and explains what he/she knows. He/she will suggest books or pamphlets you can read. He/she may also assign you a project to do on your own at home. He/she will set a second meeting with you. If at anytime you need help he/she will be available.
    2. During the second meeting you will bring your completed project (if assigned one) and the Counselor will discuss with you and try to find out if you have accomplished the requirements that is set for the merit badge. If he/she believes that you have completed the merit badge, he will sign your application and certify that the requirements for the Merit Badge has been completed.
    3. If the Counselor is not satisfied or if the requirements were not completed, he/she will determine the difficulties you are experiencing and advise you on what to do. He/she will then set another meeting (similar with "b"). The counselor will continue to set additional meetings until the merit badge is completed.
  6. Return the Application Form to your Troop Leader/Outfit Advisor who will then schedule you to appear before a Board of Review.
  7. Present yourself to the Board of Review. Bring with you your completed project (if any) and other works you've done for the merit badge.
  8. In due time you will be presented your Merit Badge at an appropriate ceremony.

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