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Poultry Raising

  1. Have a knowledge of foster-mothers and the construction of sanitary laying houses, brood coops, and runs.

  2. Understand, through experience - rearing, feeding, caponizing, killing, and dressing birds for the table.

  3. Candle incubating eggs and for the market. Describe the differences in candling, how to distinguish the infertile from the fertile eggs, and the bad from the good eggs; and tell how eggs are graded.

  4. Select good layers and cull the poor producers.

  5. Raise a breed of not less than ten (10) selected pullets.


  1. Own a pen of chickens, not less than ten (10) hens and one (1) rooster.

  2. Do all the work in its care and management.

  3. Incubate eggs with the use of brood hens, and raise not less than ten (10) selected pullets for replacement.

  4. Castrate all excess cockerels.

  5. Keep accurate cost accounts record.

  6. Make a complete report at the end of the year as required by your Counselor.


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