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Personal Health

  1. Submit evidence of having had a routine general medical examination with the year. State what has been done to correct any remediable condition found.

  2. Do the following:
    1. State whether examination by a dentist has been made within the year, and show what has been done to correct any remediable conditions found. If no examination has been made, explain how to care for teeth properly, and show by condition of your teeth that you practice such care.
    2. Tell how to care for your own hands and feet.
    3. Explain the importance of washing hands before and after leaving the toilet, as well as before and after eating; a daily bath; and daily elimination.

  3. Tell how to ventilate a sleeping room properly. Give the number of hours of sleep needed by a person your age. Tell why a person should sleep by himself, and what distance should separate your bed from others.

  4. Demonstrate proper breathing and explain how it affects health.

  5. Explain how disease is spread by drinking water, common drinking cups, dirty dishes, dirty dish towels, soiled bath towels, unpasteurized milk, and personal contact.

  6. Do the following:
    1. Name the basic essential foods to daily diet of a person of your age. Explain why you should observe good eating habits.
    2. Write out, at the time of the examination, the kinds of foods eaten at each meal over the previous three-day period.

  7. Explain the danger of taking a laxative or a purgative when suffering from pains in the abdomen, neglecting a break in the surface of the skin, and opening or squeezing pimples.

  8. Give three reasons why alcohol and tobacco are harmful to the body.

  9. Discuss the value of clean moral habits to general health.

  10. Pass triple test for good posture - sitting, standing, walking.

  11. Make up a daily drill of ten exercises for Scouts giving proper exercises for the whole body.


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