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  1. Before doing the other requirements, swim 100 yards using any stroke, then rest by floating as still as you can for one minute.

  2. Show that you know safety rules for boating or sailing.

  3. Secure a permit to operate a motorboat if needed. Explain the laws affecting pleasure boating in your area.

  4. Show that before going in a boat, you know the features or hazards of the body of water to be cruised.

  5. Explain the rules of the sea lanes. Describe aids to navigation used where you cruised.

  6. Examine the condition, and demonstrate the proper use of the following safety gears.
    1. Lifesaving device for each person on board
    2. Fire extinguisher
    3. Oars of paddles
    4. Light
    5. Tool kit
    6. Extra shear pin and spark plugs
    7. Horn, whistle, or other sound signals
    8. Compass
    9. Anchor and line
    10. Safety chain (for outboard motor)
    11. First aid kit
    12. Bilge pump or similar device that can be used for bailing.


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